Wednesday, July 13, 2005

America; Conservatives vs Reactionaries

America, as many of you have no doubt noticed, has become a conservative nation. By conservative I mean traditionalist, resistant to change, and devoid of innovation. America now prefers the old to the new and orthodoxy to evolution. There has of course, been a recent effort to change that, a reactionary retrogressive group of Republicans now seeks to move backwards.

In my opinion, the Democratic Party is conservative. This is a party fighting exclusively for measures introduced no later than the mid sixties. Since a liberal is someone who is not bound by tradition and orthodoxy, the Democratic Party is by definition now the most fundamentally conservative political party extant. As far as I can see, it serves only to preserve in social formaldehyde the last liberal period. Jesus Christ, in classic conservative fashion they are even headed by long entrenched hereditary elites like Motherfing Kennedys.

The Republican Party is not conservative as many people call them; they are reactionary. They are reacting against the Great Society of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Some of them are even reacting against The New Deal. Shall we go down the list of Republican reactionary policies? The death penalty was one of the first successful reactions of the Republican Party. It was suspended in 1972 in the landmark Supreme Court case of Furman vs. Georgia because it was deemed cruel, unusual and arbitrary. Reactionaries however reacted against this and the practice reverted to its pre Great Society status. The death penalty is of course more expensive than life imprisonment and is prone to killing innocent people (at least 23 in the US.) How was it reinstated then?

According to various articles from it is a way to comfort the victims, i.e. revenge helps! They also argue that Jesus really supported the death penalty but did all that forgiveness stuff as a type of political maneuvering.

Republicans oppose gay marriage for much the same reason. The very existence of gay people, they say, threatens the sanctified and holy institution of marriage. The perverted actions of homosexuals, they maintain, degrade such mystical and nebulous things such as “traditional family values.” Back in the good ole’ days, homosexuals were afraid to be seen and that would be nice to have again, they say. Perhaps if we don’t see it, it is not really there.

Republicans revile the current graduated tax scale because it supposedly punishes success and limits freedom. The top 1% or those making over $285,424 annually paid an average of 27.25% income tax. That leaves the poor soul making that $285K (the minimum to be in the top 1%) salary only the pittance of $207,645.96 on which to live. How do they survive on that? You’ll notice a common thread, everything the reactionaries want involves going back to the fifties or sometimes even earlier.

As such I claim there is no liberal movement of any strength in the United States. Because of this intellectual drought and because the American people recognize the Democratic Party is a party of stagnation, they are turning to anything that moves, even if it goes backwards.

As such, I call on every restless Democrat, every reactionary Republican and every disenfranchised liberal to come up with something truly liberal, something new and to do it soon because stagnation and regression lead to weakness, and weakness leads to destruction.

Here are my sources, feel free to check them out.


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