Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Paramount Nature of Power

You don’t want a moral politician. Governments are not legitimately concerned with happiness, longevity, the preservation of heritages or moral rectitude. Power is their only legitimate goal because the only alternative is weakness. Ask the Native Americans, the Australian Aborigines or any of the other groups destroyed by immoral and powerful societies.
Power, for our purposes here, is the ability to destroy others and the ability to avoid destruction. To have more power means that the powerful have greater access resources and human talent. The happiness and prosperity that come from power are accidental and unimportant. Without power there is only destruction. For example, if the United States had steered away from the nuclear bomb because it was a morally horrid device it would have put itself at the mercy of its competitors and been destroyed. Whether by Germans or Russians or British, the United States would have fallen surely and quickly to the legitimate, immoral governments seeking the resources, industry, and educated populace to make themselves more powerful.
Iraq for example, is a moral war. We invaded to stop a murderous madman and to bring freedom to a horribly oppressed people. Instead, because we were focused on doing the “right thing” and because we wanted to be moral, power hungry remnants of the former regime, and opportunist foreigners have been able to set up a very strong resistance. Also, by invading Iraq, the United States weakened the unity of the strongest power on the planet, Western Civilization.
Communism may be the ultimate expression of the government based on morality. In the communist state there is equality, there are no poor and the Christian moral precepts of charity, humility and fellowship are followed far better than in a powerful capitalist state like the United States or a pseudo communist state like modern China. What it does not do is make any effort to get its best people into positions of power, or domination, over the rest of the public. It pursues morality and not power. This is why it was destroyed by more powerful less moral western governments.
What is the source of power? Power comes from but one source, human talent. Human beings with the mental power to create something new, to improve on something, to change almost anything, these are the sources of power. How many of these people you have, and how many you can develop are then the legitimate tests of how effective a government is. As such, is patriotism conductive to power? It tends to favor the natural born citizen and exclude the outside talent. Is ethnic pride positive? It tends to stereotype the individual and limit them to a few narrow fields. Is religious nativism (retaining the religion of your birth) positive? It leads to moral governments who then destroy each other by fighting over morality.
Let us then strive for strength and the prosperity and happiness that happen as a result of it.


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OK this is a tough one to figure out. Seems more like a opening round of some discussion to follow which didn't make it to publication?

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